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Two useful Field Guides (Northumbria and Yorkshire) have recently been made available in digital form on the BGS site. 

See our Local Geology page for details and links 

Welcome to the North East Geological Society website. 

This front page is here to provide links to local geological information and to our activities, and to activities of other related organisations when we are aware of them.


Details of meetings of our sister organisation the Yorkshire Geological Society are available on their site at http://yorksgeolsoc.org.uk 

Winter Programme, 2019-2020

The winter programme consists of a series of lectures, taking place in the Arthur Holmes Lecture Theatre at Durham University at 7:30 on Friday evenings, usually the third Friday of the month. 

Location details and further information HERE.

Reports on those meetings will (usually) appear in the edition of the Newsletter following the  meeting - or maybe the newsletter after that if the dates are too close.

December 13th 'Show And Tell'

The BGS ran one of these events over the summer, and it is rumoured to have been a success.  We had a mini-version.

Several members brought along some items of interest and spoke about them - a "First Efforts" Field notebook that impressed us all, a fleck of gold (and the story behind it) some contrasting pairs of rocks, with their stories - all good stuff!

We were also delighted to be able to welcome some new members - including the younger generation!  We needed the new blood - welcome all.

Summer Programme 2020

The Summer Programme will mostly consist of field trips.  Dates and headlines will appear here, with details on the "Summer Events" link on the Menu Bar above.

That page currently shows details of the 2019 trips . . . you've missed them!

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