Due to rapidly changing Government restrictions following the COVID-19 outbreak, and bearing in mind the age profile of our membership, it has been decided that we must suspend ALL activities until further notice, as from today 16th March, 2020.

Attempts will be made to resume when the opportunity is made available - watch this space.  If in doubt, use the 'Contact' button above.

Further . . . End of May, 2020

The lockdown is being partly eased in early June, but after due consideration, NEGS activities remain SUSPENDED.  There is a letter from the Chair HERE

We have our fingers crossed for a resumtion after Christmas, but at present it is looking unlikely to happen before then.

And Further . . . March 2021
The Committee met by Zoom conference on 19/03/2021.  We agreed to keep a close watch on the COVID situation which at present makes all meetings impossible.  Plans exist for one or two field trips towards the end of summer if the pandemic situation permits.  We will give as much notice as possible.

It was agreed that various changes be made to the financial/membership year which will need to be agreed at an AGM.  However, holding an AGM is problematic at  present.  Plans are being made for a lecture series in the autumn, starting September or October, which can be face-to-face if possible, or on Zoom if necessary.  An AGM willl immediately precede one of those meetings in either case. 

Watch this space for further information.

Details of meetings of our sister organisation the Yorkshire Geological Society are available on their site at 

Note, posted 12/03/2020:  We have just been informed that the planned meeting at Leeds University on 'Deep geological disposal of radioactive waste', Monday 30th March has been postponed due to concerns over the Covid-19 virus.   Further details should appear on the Yorks site (above).


Two useful Field Guides (Northumbria and Yorkshire) have recently been made available in digital form on the BGS site. 

See our Local Geology page for details and links 

Welcome to the North East Geological Society website. 

This front page is here to provide links to local geological information and to our activities, and to activities of other related organisations when we are aware of them.

Reports on those meetings will (usually) appear in the edition of the Newsletter following the  meeting - or maybe the newsletter after that if the dates are too close.

Summer Programme 2020

The Summer Programme will mostly consist of field trips.  Dates and headlines will appear here, with details on the "Summer Events" link on the Menu Bar above.

Summer program now suspended until further notice - see above (COVID-19)

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