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The Winter Lecture programme is now being organised on a hybrid system ...

Due to Covid restrictions back in 2020-22 we began using Zoom, which has both advantages and disadvantages.  The main disadvantage was the lack of actual contact and physical presence.  Some members found that lack to be very significant, and/or did not get on well with the electronics.  The advantage (apart from simply allowing us to continue at all!) was that we could have visiting speakers from literally anywhere in the world - so we had experts speaking from and about Yellowstone, and South Africa.

So this year, our Lecture Programme will use a mixed format - some Zoom, some Face-to-face.  Click the button for details.


The 2024 Summer Programme has just been announced- click the 'Next Field Trip button.





Field trips are normally only open to members.  Potential new members may attend lextures (face-to-face or zoom) to see how things work.  Membership is basically £20 per year, with reductions available for students and two members at one address.

Other advantages of membership:  During Covid we have been forced to move onto Zoom - and have now established links with our sister organisation in South Africa, who are running a similar series of lectures - to which we are invited.  Details from

Further information, interesting items of news, and updates may also be found on our Facebook page


Details of meetings of our sister organisation the Yorkshire Geological Society are available on their site at 

Other Useful Links

And another related organisation has recently suggested closer links between us. 

They are the Cumberland Geological Society, and their aims and methods of operating are similar to our own - maybe of interest to members in the west of our area.


Another potentially useful link for our younger members .
Link discovered by a young enthusiast, details provided by the U.S. Career Institute:-

Two useful Field Guides (Northumbria and Yorkshire) have recently been made available in digital form on the BGS site. 

See our Local Geology page for details and links 

Welcome to the

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This front page is here to provide links to local geological information and to our activities, and to activities of other related organisations when we are aware of them.

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