Fieldwork and Meetings



The Fieldwork Code


The North Eastern Geological Society is affliated to the Geologist's

Association and employs the GA Fieldwork Code:



Risk Assessment


Please read

All field meetings can have potential risks and these should be pointed out by the field meeting leader

at the beginning of the trip when all participants are assembled.


  • Participants should have footwear and clothing suitable for the weather and localities to be visited.

  • A hard hat should be worn if there is any danger of rock falls, e.g. when directly under a cliff.

  • Non-alcoholic drinks and some food should also be carried.

  • Possible hazards are:

    • adverse weather,

    • rough and/or slippery ground,

    • state of the tide when on the foreshore,

    • medical conditions which make it difficult to complete the walk or part of the walk.

  • If the participant has any doubts then he/she should inform the leader beforehand.

  • Always listen to the leader's instructions and do not wander off on your own.


Participants who are not members of NEGS attend field meetings at their own risk.