Covid regulations are being lifted again, and we hope to be able to run some summer events for 2022.

Any offers to lead field trips, or other suggestions, would be welcome - please use the 'Contact Us' button. 

Before coming on one of our trips please read the Fieldwork Code


While Covid is still present in the population as a whole, please read the advice below.


Covid advice from  Ian Kille, one of our regular leaders

COVID-19 is a serious illness which is readily transmitted between people. To minimise the risk of passing on this disease during geo-walks, a process has been put in place. Whilst this gives a structure to manage the risk of transmission, for it to succeed there is a need for us to take individual responsibility to make this work. This is nothing new and I imagine you will already be doing this when you go out for shopping and other activities where you will be meeting people outside your own household. The three things that I would like us to do are:

  • to be aware,

  • to be considerate, and:

  • to communicate.

To be aware of others around you so that you can negotiate how to remain distant from themTo be considerate. This is a difficult time, and we know that some people are more vulnerable than others. This includes the way that we feel about the situation and it is important to be aware of and respect others’ feelings and needs as we proceed.To communicate. Humans are good at working out where we are physically in relation to others, however, to get the distancing sorted, using your awareness and consideration to communicate and negotiate your way around the walk is vital. Smiling, “you-go-firsts” and “I’ll leave the gate for you” amongst other considerations will oil the wheels of how this works, as well as making the day out more enjoyable.Participants will be asked to perform a self-assessment of their health on the day of the walk. If they feel generally unwell and especially if they find that they have any of the currently recognised symptoms of COVID19, they will be asked to self-exclude from the walk and to let the leader know that they will not be attending.The currently recognised symptoms of COVID19 illness can be found here:

Covid symptoms: What are they and how do I protect myself?


Covid symptoms: What are they and how do I protect myself?

A new cough, fever and change in smell or taste are the key symptoms that mean you may have coronavirus.



If participants find that they develop symptoms within 10 days after the walk please can you get in touch directly so that we can work as required with the government Track and Trace process.--

First Day of the Summer Program 2022

On Sunday April 24th Andy Lane (much esteemed retired lecturer and local author) will lead NEGS members around Sunderland looking at the rocks used in the construction of local buildings. 

Unusually for us, we are starting after lunch - meeting at 2:00 p.m. at the Market Square in Sunderland (NZ395570).  Our route will leave the market square, follow High Street West onto Keel Square, move onto the area around the Minster, finishing at Green Terrace. We will finish around 5 o’clock.

Andy will use his deep knowledge of the area to help members assess restorations and new developments using a variety of local and imported rock types.

Members should contact the Field Trip co- ordinator: to reserve a place. Guests are welcome but will not be covered by the public liability insurance.

The First field trip of this year was generally regarded as a great success.

Second Field Trip

On Sunday May 22nd There will be a field excursion to the Derwent Valley to examine glacial features in the area, led by Derek Teasdale.
Anyone interested please contact the Field Trip Co-Ordinator   for further details.

No report is yet available for the second field trip - it will be posted here or in the Newsletter when written.

Third Field Trip

On Sunday, 26th June 2022 We will be exploring the eastern end of Liddesdale, the Hutton Unconformity, a destructive plate margin and sedimentary basins together with striking fluvioglacial landscape effects.
Anyone interested please contact the Field Trip Co-Ordinator   for further details.

A report on our first field trip this summer is in the May newsletter, which has already been emailed to members.  It will be accessible to the general public when it is copied onto this site at the end of June.  This is intended to be normal practice - membership gives you access much sooner!  Later ... May Newsletter is now on this site and includes reports on various Zoom sessions run by our friends in South Africa, and on Dr. Andy Lane's walk looking at the building stones of Sunderland.

Fourth Field Trip

On Sunday 17th July  Dr Ian Kille will be is leading a trip to examine the tectonic effects that are visible on the coast, between Tynemouth and Seaton Sluice.

Members and guests are invited to register their interest with Gordon at gordon.liddle@ Details will be forwarded.

Fifth Field Trip

On Saturday 13th August 2022 We will be on a joint field trip with the Northumbria Open University Geological Society (NOUGS). 

Update from the Leader (10/07/2022)

    Aim:       To explore the Carboniferous section along the South Tyne valley to its source including mineralisation in the area.


    Meet:       Alston, public car park, Chapel Terrace, A689 Grid ref: NY721462           

                       Postcode- CA9 3UD

                            What3Words: dolphin.together.inflates

                             We will car share to Garrigill from Alston.                                                                

                             Meet at 10.00 am.


    Duration of trip:         10 am to 4 pm.


    The Route:      From Garrigill we will transfer  people in groups by car to the start of the walk.

                             There is minimal parking where the walk starts.

                             The walk is along a well maintained path to the source of the Tyne.

                              Return trip is along a rough footpath alongside the river and involves stiles and bridges.

                              Total distance 5 miles.


     On returning to the cars we shall pay a quick visit to Ashgill Force waterfall (time permitting) NY758404    

    W3W: chainsaw.code.removes

Please note:  Some of our regulars may have been given a different date, but August 13th is it - if in doubt contact Gordon Liddle.

Anyone intending to come please register their intention with either society ... but not both!  Double registrations cause enormous confusion.

A guide to the general geology of the area can be found at

Later:  Further day trips are being organised, but exact details are not yet available.