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Before coming on one of our trips please read the Fieldwork Code


And we hope it is no longer needed, but some advice on Covid has been moved to the 'Fieldwork Code' page.

Next Field Trip

The 2023 Program

Thiere are still some details to be finalised, but here is the plan so far ....

Dr. Ian Kille will be leading a study of his local geology in the Cheviot.

Recent details added:-

It will be a good walk up the College valley of course as private vehicles are not allowed. Ian Kille will lead the group, examining elements of the volcanic history of this part of the Cheviot and the more recent glacial episode. The environment is particularly important, bird watchers and botanists may be able to add to the groups enjoyment of the trip. Car sharing is strongly encouraged, can members registering their interest in joining the trip please indicate if they are willing to offer a lift to other members.

We will be obtaining permissions to take vehicles up the valley to make this walk feasible, so there will be some restrictions on the number of vehicles we can take up the valley because of this and the limitations on parking once in the valley. This may mean that we will have to do some sharing of car space once we go beyond the Hethpool Car Park.


Final permission for going up the valley is yet to be granted but a conversation with the Estate Manager says this is unlikely to be a problem.


This will involve two walking routes one from Hethpool to Hethpool Linn a round trip of circa 4km on a good path, and from Cuddystone Hall up to Goldscleugh a round trip of about 9km much of which is on the road.

Full details will be forwarded to members ( and their guests) shortly after they contact the Field secretary:

On May 28th Dr. Andy Lane will lead a trip to Fulwell and Marsden. 
The following information has been provided:-

Join the NEGS time ship with Dr. Andy Lane as it whisks you away from the violent eruptions heartily enjoyed with Dr Ian Kille on the 16th of April. 

Andy is leading a visit to witness the effects of the gigantic flooding of the hot dry interior of Pangea by the sea.

After millions of years of growth Pangea, lying close to the equator, witnessed a huge breach on its northern coast allowing the sea to flow south into the interior of the continent. The sea continued to deepen and expand allowing new, marine sedimentation to collect. Andy will lead us to the exposures telling the tale of the Permian marine sediments in our area (close to Marsden rock).


If you are interested in this trip of a lifetime, reserve your place at:
Further details HERE (Word format)

On June 18th we will be visiting Nenthead, guided by local volunteers.   Note that this is a joint visit, with NOUGS. Members should register with only one of the two organisations.

On July 9th Gordon Liddle / Christine Telford: stress environments affecting the Carboniferous in SE Northumberland. 
Details TBA, best contact Gordon Liddle a few days before the event to confirm.

On August 20th  Karl Egeland-Eriksen and Gordon Liddle will be leading at Greenleighton Quarry / Wards Hill Quarry.  Final details of times and meeting places still to be confirmed.

And on Sept 17th Dr Chris Savilll will lead at Bowlees, studying disturbed sedimentary sequences of the North Pennines

Full details for each trip will be circulated to members registering with the NEGS Field Secretary: The Nenthead visit is a Joint trip with NOUGS.

An EXTRA FIELD TRIP  has been announced ...

It is not actually one of ours, it is run by one of our regular Trip Leaders, Dr. Ian Kille.

The trip is to Howick,on 25th July, and the details are at
Anyone interested needs to book with Ian via 

Later ...
And Dr. Ian Kille has now announced more field trips for anyone interested.

There will be one to St Abbs, on Thursday 17th August.

Ian writes:-
We will be exploring the range of volcanic rocks which form the headland to give a sense of what this volcanic centre would have been like when it was active some 400 million years ago. We will also explore its relationship to the older rocks which abut these ancient lava flows, a journey into an ancient deep sea floor now so compressed and uplifted that its rocks are vertical.

Booking is essential for all of these walks, and details of this walk and how to book can be found on the Northumbrian Earth website along with other events being run by Northumbrian Earth.

Look out for information on the following walk from Craster on August 23

Latest ...
Ian will be leading further excursions on the 5th and 15th of September.  Details as usual, at



Extra Trip
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