The current members of the NEGS committee

Chairman:                                                               Vacant - Gordon Liddle has stood down

Secretary:                                                                Vacant - Christine Burridge has stood down

Treasurer:                                                                Judy Harrison

Membership Secretary:                                        Elsie Denham

Lecture Programme Coordinator:                       Prof. Gillian Foulger 

Field Programme Secretary:                                Gordon Liddle 

Social Secretary:                                                     Vacant - Gordon Liddle has stood down 

Web Editor:                                                             Alan Denham


University Liaison (Durham):                                Prof. Gillian Foulger

University Liason (Newcastle):                              Dr. Martin Cooke

Geological Association Liaison:                            Vacant / to be confirmed

Student Representative (Durham):                      Post currently vacant

Student Representative (Newcastle):                   Vacant / To be confirmed


Without Portfolio                                                    None at present

This is a dire state of affairs. 

We ran a summer programme through 2019, and got part-way through our winter programme for 2019-2020 is before Covid stopped us in our tracks.

That put everything into a sort of suspended animation . . . .

But now that Covid is (hopefully) in retreat and we are able to run Field Visits in summer and Lectures (on Zoom!) during the winter, we really need to recruit some more committee members.


We desperately need members willing to step forward onto the committee.

Come and do your bit.

A society run by the same people for decades is not healthy.  We must have new blood.