The current members of the NEGS committee

Chairman:                                                               Vacant - Gordon Liddle has stood down

Secretary:                                                                Vacant - Christine Burridge has stood down

Treasurer:                                                                Judy Harrison

Membership Secretary:                                        Elsie Denham

Lecture Programme Coordinator:                       Prof. Gillian Foulger 

Field Programme Secretary:                                Gordon Liddle 

Social Secretary:                                                     Vacant - Gordon Liddle has stood down 

Web Editor:                                                             Alan Denham


University Liaison (Durham):                                Prof. Gillian Foulger

University Liason (Newcastle):                              Dr. Martin Cooke

Geological Association Liaison:                            Vacant / to be confirmed

Student Representative (Durham):                      Post currently vacant

Student Representative (Newcastle):                   Vacant / To be confirmed


Without Portfolio                                                    None at present

This is a dire state of affairs. 

We ran a summer programme through 2019, and a winter programme for 2019-2020 is now prepared - details on the front page - but beyond that, the society may not be able to function.  We desperately need members willing to step forward onto the committee.

A society run by the same people for decades is not healthy.  We must have new blood.