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The society normally arranges a series of lectures (given by professional or academic geologists) on geological or environmental topics in the winter months (October to March).  Once a year there is an event where members have the opportunity to give their own short talks or demonstrations to the rest of the society.

Anyone interested in joining the Society is welcome to attend a lecture or two as a visitor, to find out more about who we are and how we operate.  Just turn up - or contact us first to confirm subject, dates, times, etc.


Lectures are normally held at 7.30pm in the Arthur Holmes Lecture Theatre which is located at the Durham University Science Site on South Road.  The lecture theatre is in the Department of Chemistry and is downstairs from the Porters Lodge. 

As we resume after Covid, plans for face-to-face meetings will continue to follow this pattern.


Lectures, when we are able to resume normal practices, will be followed by tea and coffee to which all speakers, members and guests are cordially invited.

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Google Maps: Problem beyond our control.  The map above actually shows the way to the Calman Lecture Theatre.  The Arthur Holmes Lecture Theatre is nearby.  Go 100 metres East, 60 metres North, in through red doors and downstairs one level.

If you are able, you might get a better result from What3Words.  The entrance door is at /// .  That reference should act as a link - try it.

Winter Lecture Programme  2024 - 2025

Winter Season Lectures:

These are usually held on the third Friday of each month from October to March. Held at 7.30pm in the Arthur Holmes Lecture Theatre which is located at the Durham University Science Site on South Road or as a Zoom presentation. Proposed dates, but subject to availability of speakers etc. are:

October 18th         

November 15th     

December 20th      or, most likely Friday13th.     Members Evening and Xmas social.

January 17th         

February 14th       

March 21st                  AGM     

Details of who is speaking and whether it be face-to-face or by Zoom will be made available as soon as possible.


Before coming on one of our trips please read the Fieldwork Code


And we hope it is no longer needed, but some advice on Covid has been moved to the 'Fieldwork Code' page.

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