Previous NEGS Field Trips



July 17th

Southdean Law, Chesters, near Bonchester Bridge.

A Nepheline Basanite plug - rather unusual in context of the local area.

More details in the Sept 2021 Newsletter (see Newsletters page)

Led by Louis  Golightly

August 21st

Whin sill exposures

Details when available

Led by Ian Kille

September 19th

The Burtreeford Disturbance

Details when available

Led by Karl Egeland-Eriksen


Was a bit of a problem due to pandemic!


Sun April 14th 2019

The Post-glacial development of the Ouseburn Valley

Led by Gordon Liddle

Sunday 19th May 2019

The Closehouse-Lunedale Fault System and local mineralisation

Led by Lesley Collins

Sunday 9th June 2019

The Early Carboniferous Sedimentary rocks around Spittal

Led by Dr. Ian Kille

Sunday 7th July 2019

The Lower Permian Magnesian Limestone around Trow Point

Led by Karl Egeland-Eriksen

Sunday 3rd August 2019

Coldingham and the Linkim Shore

Led by Louis Golightly

Sunday 29th Sept 2019

A look Around Seaham (Mag Lst & Coal Measures)

Led by Dr. Andy Lane


Sun 22nd April 2018

Askrigg - sandstone, limestone, and mineralisation

Led by Lesley Collins

Other details of 2018 have been lost from this site due to a computer error.  They should be available in old Newsletters.


Sat 15th July 2017

Whin exposures on North East coast

Dr. Ian Kille, Northumbrian Earth

Sat 17th June 2017

Whiteadder Water, Lower Carboniferous sediments, Berwickshire, Scottish Borders

Leader:  Louis Golightley

Sat 20th May 2017

Jurassic ironstone and jet plus a Palaeogene dyke, Roseberry Topping and Cliff Rigg Quarry

A joint field meeting with NOUGS led by Karl Egeland-Erikson

7th May 2017

Glacial Lineations in Mid-Northumberland

Leader:  Derek Teasdale



21st May 2016

Geological Sites in Sunderland South

Leader:  Dr Andy Lane

30th July 2016

Quaternary Glaciation in the Cheviot Hills

Leader:  Derek Teasdale

9th October 2016

Field-trip - The Geology of Holy Island

Leader:  Louis Golightly




9th May 2015

Carboniferous sedimentary cycles between Howick Bay and Boulmer

Leader: Derek Teasdale

4th July 2015

Siccar  Point and Barns Ness

Leader: Mike Browne

19th Sept 2015      

Whitby – Saltwick Bay

Leader: John Waring


26th Sept 2015

Knock Fell, Pennine Escarpment.

Leader: Eric Johnson


10th Oct 2015

Coldberry Gutter, Teesdale

Leader: Brian Young




11th May 2014

Sutton Bank and the Howardian Hills: Middle and Upper Jurassic

Leaders:  John Powell and Jon Ford 


5th July 2014

Lady Cross Quarry and Blanchland: Carboniferous stratigraphy with Mineralisation

Leader: Dr. Eric Johnson


20th July 2014

Austwick and Crummackdale: Precambrian to Silurian Stratigraphy with Devonian to Carboniferous Structural features.

Leader: Dr. Eric Johnson


12th October 2014

Nenthead: Carboniferous Sedimentary Rocks of the Alston Block

Leaders: Peter Jackson and Brian Young


25th October 2014

Durham Cathedral: Building Materials

Leader: Brian Young





23rd June 2013

Teesdale: Carboniferous Rocks including the Whin Sill

Leader: Brian Young


7th September 2013

Seaton Sluice and St. Mary's Island, Whitley Bay: Carboniferous Westphalian B Coal Measures

Leader: Gordon Liddle





12th May 2012

Ryhope Dene, Seaham and Blast Beach: Permian Magnesium Limestone Sequence

Leader: Andy Lane

23rd June 2012

Wards Hill and Lordenshaws Hill Fort: Whin Sill Exposure and Lime Kiln

Leaders: Derek Teasdale and Gordon Liddle


7th July 2012

The Sedgwick Geological Trail 

Leader: Dr. John Knight


4th August 2012

Glacial Geomorphology and Anthropogenic Alteration in Swaledale: Morraines, Mines and Mounds

Leader: Jon Barber




8th May 2011

Tynemouth: Upper Carboniferous Deltaic Sediments, Permian Unconformity and the Ninety Fathom Fault

Leader: Gordon Liddle


19th June 2011

Saltwick Bay, Whitby: Lower and Middle Jurassic Dinosaur Tracks and Fossils

Leader: Dr. Martin Whyte


2nd July 2011

Upper Tees Drumlins

Leader: Wishart Mitchell


16th July 2011

Kisdon, Upper Swaledale: Glaciation and Glacier Wastage  

Leader: Dr. Jon Barber


6th August 2011

The Ferryhill Gap: Magnesian Limestone Escarpment

Leader: Derek Teasdale


17th September 2011

Sunderland's Secret Geology

Leader: Andy Lane





2nd May 2010

Cayton Bay, Scarborough: Middle to Upper Jurassic Rocks, the Redcliff Fault and Quaternary Tills

Leader: Dr. Martin Whyte


19th June 2010

Durham: Permian Yellow Sands and Overlying Marl Slates

Leader: Prof. Maurice Tucker


11th July 2010

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales: The Craven Faults and Thornton Force Unconformity

Leader: Gordon Liddle


14th August 2010

Whitburn Bay, Sunderland: Glacial Sediments

Leader: Derek Teasdale


2nd October 2010

Nent Valley, Pennines: Carboniferous Cyclothem Deposits

Leader: Brian Young