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Previous winter seasons lecture programmes


20th October, 2017

Dead bodies in the Sirius Pass, North Greenland: An early window on the Cambrian Explosion

Prof David Harper, Durham University

24th November, 2017


Prof. Jim McElwaine, Durham University

15th December, 2017

Members' evening

1. Paul Newton & Gordon Liddle.  Some geological features in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

2. Christine Burridge.  A story of volcanoes

3. Christine Taylor.  A visit to the Derbyshire Carbonate Platform

19th January, 2018

Unlocking a volcanoes secrets through crystal specific studies

Dr. George Cooper, Durham University

16th February, 2018

What’s happening to the world’s largest ice sheet? Stability vs. instability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Prof. Chris Stokes, Durham University

16th March, 2018

AGM followed by lecture on The Anthropocene

Professor Colin Waters, Univ. Leicester


21st October, 2016

An evaluation of Mesozoic rift-related magmatism on the margins of the Labrador Sea: implications for rifting and passive margin asymmetry

Alex Peace, Durham University

Friday 16th Dec 2016

NEGS Members' evening

1.  Paul Newton & Gordon Liddle

The Tertiary volcanics of southern France

2.  Mavis Gill


Fri 20th January 2017

The Wilson Cycle in the North Atlantic

Dr. Christian Schiffer, Dept. Earth Sciences, Durham University

Saturday 28th Jan 2017

Joint NEGS / YGS Meeting

North Atlantic - from Origin to Energy

The North Atlantic: Exceptional, or the Rule?

Gillian R. Foulger and the North Atlantic Working Group
Dept Earth Sciences, Durham University, Durham, U.K

The Wilson Cycle Origin of the Jan Mayen Microplate

Christian Schiffer(1), Alex Peace(1) , Jordan Phethean(1) , Laurent Gernigon(2), Kenni Petersen(3), Ken McCaffrey(1), Gillian R. Foulger(1)

(1) Dept Earth Sciences, Durham University, Durham, U.K

(2) Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU), Trondheim, Norway

(3) Dept. of Geoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark

Arctic-Atlantic break-up stages, and their control on petroleum systems and resources

Prof. Tony Doré, Statoil

Two geophysical things from Europe (Scotland and Denmark) that tell us something about Iceland and the opening of the North Atlantic

Randell Stephenson, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

17th February, 2017

Helium, it's a gas, gas, gas

Prof. Jon Gluyas, Durham University

17th March, 2017

The changing Earth: Monitoring changes in Earth structure using tomography

Dr. Najwa Mhana, Durham University



16th October, 2015

Dr. Ceri Nunn
Structure of Mt. Etna


20th November, 2015

Dr. Rick Smith (FWS Consultants)

The recent polyhalite discoveries in North Yorkshire


18th December, 2015

Members' evening

1.  John Waring

From Deserts to Deltas

2.  Les Barnes

The Isle of Purbeck; a geologist's paradise

3.  NEGS Members Rock

Members favourites; what, where, why.


15th January, 2016

Dr. Edward Dempsey, Durham University

Minding your P’s & Qs’s: Using pyrite, pyrrhotite, quartz and quartzine to understand the origin of the North Pennines orefield


Dr. Dempsey has issued an apology for not being able to present this lecture, and has offered to do so in the next lecture season.


19th February, 2016

Dr. Brian Young, Durham University

Mapping it out: William Smith 200 years on


18th March, 2016

Prof. Mike Bentley, Durham University

Antarctic ice sheets and climate change


2014 -2015


October 2014

Prof. Andy Aplin, Durham University

A New Dawn for Shale: Oil, Gas and CO2 Storage


21st November 2014

Dr. Darren Grocke, Durham University

A Brief History of Stable Isotopes: from Kangaroos to Forensics to Botany and the Mesozoic


12th December 2014
Members' Evening

1. Gordon Wilkinson

Uluru and Kata Tjuta – the Geology of a Unique Area

2. Gordon Hull

People I've met on the Road from Stanley to Pangaea

3. Christine Taylor

Gullet Quarry in Gloucestershire


16th January 2015

Dr. John Nudds, Manchester University

Chinese Dinosaur Embryos


20th February 2015

Lesley Dunlop, Northumbria University

Chromite, Tungsten and Iron: Mineral Deposits and Mines in Portugal


20th March 2015

Prof. Chris Stokes, Durham University

Poles apart? Glaciers and Climate Change in the Arctic and Antarctic


2013 - 2014


18th October 2013

Dr. Stuart Dunning, Northumbria University

Icelandic Jökulhlaups


8th November 2013

Dr. Darren Grocke, Durham University

What Lies Beneath Us - A GeoSculpture at Durham University


13th December 2013

Members Evening

1. Gordon Wilkinson

Uluru and Kata Tjuta – the Geology of a Unique Area

2. John Waring

Rocks Under the Microscope

3. Christine Burridge

Peaks, Penguins and the Peninsula - Some Antarctic Observations


17th January 2014

Dr. Richard J. Brown, Durham University

Natural Born Killers: the Nature and Hazards of Pyroclastic Density Currents


21st February 2014

Prof. Jon Gluyas, Durham University

Getting into Hot Water: Exalting Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Opportunity in the UK


21st March 2014

Brian Young, Durham University

The Stones of Durham, (with particular reference to Durham Cathedral)


2012 - 2013


20th January 2012

Dr. Lisa Baldini, Durham University

Cave Calcite Deposits as Recorders of Palaeoclimate


17th February 2012

Prof. Philip Gibbard, University of Cambridge

The Last Glacial Cycle in Lowland England


16th March 2012

Dr. Mike Norry,  University of Leicester

Shetland; the Evolution of Geology, Language and People




21st January 2011

Dr. Eva Panagiotakopulu, University of Edinburgh

Life on the Edge: The Biogeography of North Atlantic Insect Faunas


29th January 2011

Joint Meeting: N.E.G.S. with Y.G.S.

"The Big Picture- New Perspectives on Large-Scale Earth Processes".

a) Jeroen van Hunen, Durham University  

A Lecture Relating to Mantle Processes and the Dynamics of Subduction 

b) Tim Wright, University of Leeds

Witnessing the Birth of a New Ocean in Afar- Ethiopia

c) Colin Macpherson, Durham University

A Lecture on Arc Magmatism and Latest Interpretation of Volcanic Events in South Asia  

d) Roger Searle, Durham University

Volcanism and Tectonism at Mid-Ocean Ridges: a New Look at Sea-Floor Spreading.


18th February 2011 

Dr. Jeff Warburton, Durham University

River Trenching of the Wear Floodplain


18th March 2011 

Prof. David M. Knight, Durham University

History of Geology


21st October 2011

Dr. Phil Manning, University of Manchester

Dinosaurs, Space Shuttles and Synchrotrons


18th November 2011

Dr. Rachel Wood, University of Edinburgh

The Dawn of Biomineralisation


16th December 2011

Prof. Richard Davies, Durham University

The Lusi Mud Volcano Disaster, Indonesia: Why and What Next? 




24th September 2010

Dr. Bruce R. Julian, U.S. Geological Survey

The Grand Canyon


22nd October 2010

Ms. Sabina A.K. Michnowicz, Durham University

"Amazing and Portentous" an Account of Britain in the Wake of the 1783 - 1784 Laki Fissure Eruption


19th November 2010 

Brian Young, British Geological Survey & Durham University

A Tale of Two Orefields


10th December 2010 

Dr. Richard Collier, University of Leeds

Active Rift Margins: Structural Evolution and Sedimentary Response



21st October, 2016

An evaluation of Mesozoic rift-related magmatism on the margins of the Labrador Sea: implications for rifting and passive margin asymmetry

Alex Peace, Durham University

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